Message from the Executive Director

Jackie Williams, Executive Director

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to focus on building partnerships, members and community interest to carry out the Northern Plains Botanical Society business plan. Together, we will see the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society business plan and campaign for the Mind and Soul Japanese Garden and Pavilion come to fruition.

The document that the board created is meant to guide us to success. I understand my role is to build community support, financial support, awareness and visitation. We will do this through internal and external communications and education to raise awareness among stakeholders on behalf of NPBGS programs, services and value. We will develop public relations and communications vehicles to establish the NPBGS as a leader within our greater cultural and environmental community for issues impacting programs and institutions important for collaboration in to achieve our short and long term goals. The surrounding community will come to know the importance of the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society as a key piece of the destinations long term vision. We will do this through public relations, marketing and corporate involvement and investment. Fund-raising is a large part of my focus based on board direction. I will ask all of you for your help, support, contacts and experience to meet our fund-raising target. We are all in this together. I thank you in advance for your trust and support in making your business plan come to life. Jackie joined the Fargo Air Museum in 2016 but continues to support the mission and vision of NPBGS as a member and volunteer

-Jackie Williams