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NPBGS Welcomes New Board Members


NPBGS Welcomes New Board Members

Welcome our newest Board members, Arielle Windham and Matt Sorenson. NPBGS now has a full Board!

Arielle is the daughter of a landscape architect in north Texas, and she grew up with an appreciation for plants and gardens. Her aspirations lead her into education and writing, but horticulture has always been an important part of her life. She has toured gardens around the world, including many in Japan, and looks forward to being part of the growing NPBGS.

A software and technology consultant with a long list of other interests, Matt cares about environmental education and ecologic preservation of natural areas. On his sleeve he often wears his convictions about gardening, green spaces, wild places, sensory experiences, and a certain wanderlust – and the critical impact of these functions on health and healing, mindfulness, gratitude, and understanding the impact of our actions and decisions on the planet.

We are excited to have them both on board, and look forward to benefiting from their perspectives.

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