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Edible Forest Update


Our Edible Forest Kick-Off event at the Rourke Art Gallery + Museum on April 30th was a great success. We had fabulous attendance, the panel was excellent, and a lot of community members in the area were able to learn about this wonderful new initiative. 

Post- Kick Off Event: The Edible Forest Task Force has been focusing on fundraising. We are pleased to announce that Bell Bank has made a donation commitment of $10,000, the Fargo Park District has approved NPBGS as one of two inaugural recipients of the Fargo Park District Foundation matching grant program with a $15,000 grant, and Fargo North High School Philanthropy and Youth group awarded NPBGS with a $700 grant via The Barry Foundation. We still have a funding gap for our fundraising goal, but we are so excited to have such a lovely start, and so much enthusiasm.

Ground breaking at the site will occur soon. We’ve had a cold and wet spring, and weather conditions have not allowed for work to begin, as yet. However, we have met with the contractors to determine access routes, work schedules, plumbing and needed adjustments, so that work can move forward as soon as weather permits. We hope to be able to share progress of the Edible Forest on the NPBGS Facebook page once things get underway

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