Children's Garden

Children's Garden

Encompassing the Alphabet Garden, Sensory Garden, and Kid’s Activity Zone, the Children’s Garden has something to delight all ages.

If you are a beginner in the horticulture field, the alphabet garden is the perfect place to begin your learning. Each of the mini-gardens are designated by a specific letter of the alphabet. In these separate gardens, all of the plants growing there represent that individual letter. Visit the garden with the letter "D" and enjoy daisies, daylilies, dianthus, and dahlias among many others, or the letter "M" with the monarda, morning glories, marigolds and an assortment of mint. There is a brilliant mix of annuals, herbs, and perennials to entertain the senses. Maybe you want to bring your children to this space to teach them the basics of nature, or maybe you just want to learn on your own and peruse the blooms at your own leisure. Whatever experience you encounter in this garden, you are sure to leave with an added knowledge of the plant materials available to you and the basic ABC's.

The Sensory Garden depicts the five senses, sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, through plants. Sight uses all the colors of the rainbow for visual delight. Touch the leaves of other plants and sniff for a variety of wonderful aromas, including popcorn! Wind swishing through tall grasses, a birdhouse and feeder to attract songbirds, and a xylophone among the plants bring sound to life. The taste area has strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, apples, even beans to tempt your taste buds. Plants that are prickly, hairy, smooth or bumpy offer a variety of sensations in the touch area.

Don’t leave these two wonderful children’s gardens before exploring the activities on one side. Walk the balance beam to the hopscotch game and complete your tour with a crawl through the bean tunnel.

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