The Northern Plains Botanic Garden is a collection of gardens located on 6 acres of Fargo Park District land at Yunker Park at 1211 28th Ave. N., Fargo, ND 58102. The gardens show an array of plants from cool woodlands to hot, dry or even watery habitats, and showcase garden design ideas for the different habitats.

June will see the resurfacing of the parking lot shared by the Northern Plains Botanic Garden, the Children's Museum at Yunker Farm, and Homeward Bound Animal Shelter. During the construction visitors will have to use the gravel lot to the north for parking. Access is off University Drive, at the community gardens. 

Hummingbird Patio

While visiting the gardens, take a rest nearby on the bench in the hummingbird garden and patio. A small, quiet place to relax, this is the perfect spot to bring your lunch and soak in all that nature has to offer, while watching for one of our smallest birds.  

Chrysanthemum Garden

A garden that remains green throughout the spring and summer, Chrysanthemum Garden blazes into bloom when most others have declined for the season, blooming with a last display of color before winter arrives. 

Alerus Financial Butterfly Garden

A beautiful place to enjoy the many colors that burst into bloom on plants chosen to attract numerous species of butterflies. If you spend a little time in this garden, you may encounter the colorful Monarch, the complementary Viceroy, or the stunning Mourning Cloak, among others flitting through the beds. 

Rain Garden

Located directly behind the greenhouse, the Rain Garden absorbs all of the run-off from the roof and slowly filters it into the soil below. The root systems of the plants growing in the garden aid in this filtering process and create an amazing ecosystem with native plants. 

Woodland Garden

Take a leisurely stroll along the winding path and over the bridge spanning the dry creak bed in the Woodland Garden. Enjoy the numerous selections of ferns, hosta, and other woodland plants that will inspire and cause you to take a pause. Not a garden of floral beauty, but rather a scene of beautiful foliar color and texture that brings feelings of peace and serenity.

Dry Garden

Facing south along 28th Ave. North, this garden features a dry, rock-lined creek bed with raked gravel that is crossed by a low, wooden pedestrian bridge. The garden path directs attention to a gate planted with Sumac and Cherry trees concealing the site of a future Japanese Garden beyond. 

Children's Garden

Encompassing the Alphabet Garden, Sensory Garden, and Kid's Activity Zone, the Children's Garden has something to delight all ages.

Edible Forest

Thanks to a conservation grant via the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund, this educational garden will include native fruit-bearing shrubs and pollinator-friendly perennial plants. As the Edible Forest grows, it will provide a number of opportunities for community members to learn how to nurture and harvest fruit bearing trees that thrive locally. 

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